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CIP-300 Car Inspection Portal

Feature Highlights

  • Excellent image quality
  • High throughput in “drive through” mode
  • Compact design ensures small footprint


  • Vehicle conveyor system

Designed as a stationary system, the new CIP-300 Car Inspection Portal provides a fast and detailed search of cars, light commercial vehicles and mini buses to reveal hidden explosive threats, as well as smuggled goods and stowaways. It also offers unrivalled image quality due to its 300 kV X-ray source and symmetrical top shooter beam geometry.
The CIP-300 is designed for use at access points to public buildings, public and private utilities, military sites, ports and border crossings.
Using a conventional 300 kV X-ray source the CIP-300 offers a compact footprint and is competitively priced. The system is available in two versions, either ’drive through’ or equipped with a conveyor to allow inspection of an unmanned vehicle.
The ’drive through’ mode allows high throughput with minimal structural impact when the CIP-300 is integrated into an existing infrastructure. Radiation safety is ensured by compliance with ANSI 43.17.
Using symmetric top-down beam geometry, the system provides an excellent X-ray image of the inspected vehicle to highlight dangerous objects or substances and smuggled goods.
With a variety of operating concepts and options, the CIP-300 can be adapted to individual applications.

System dimensions 6,1 x 4,9 x 2,5 m (W x H x L)
Maximum vehicle size 2,5 x 3,1 x 7,0 m (W x H x L)
Exclusion zone Approximately 10 x 10 m.

Product is offered in this region: Lietuva, Latvija, Eesti