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ScanSilc 4030, 2520 & 4336

ScanSilc 4030, 2520 & 4336

The Scansilc 4030E is a high performance portable x-ray system, using an advanced amorphous silicon (aSi) panel with a 40 x 30 cm, 25 x 20 cm or 43 x 36 cm imaging area, 14 bit dynamic range and 127 micron pixel pitch. The flat panel design allows the operator to get the imager into very confined spaces whilst the large screen size is suitable for scanning abandoned bags and suspicious packages.

Scansilc 4030E utilises the well tried and tested Scanview EOD x-ray triggering and imaging software to produce high resolution images. Images can be auto stored for evidential purposes or manipulated to further enhance regions of interest.

All components of the system - laptop, imaging panel, cables and x-ray source fit into a single rugged weatherproof case which also acts as a workstation.

Organic Material Discrimination Module available as an option.

Wi-Fi - 802.11g available as an option. Range between 50-100m.

Product is offered in this region: Lietuva, Latvija, Eesti